Anna Zhu

Visual Artist and Experience Designer

Anna is a visual artist and experience designer who loves to inspire with her colourful and trippy art. Her main mediums are paintings, digital illustrations, interactive installations and AR/VR. Anna has a background in animation series development and worked for internationally renowned companies and productions. She is also the lead creative for a DAO that builds a community based online trading card game.

Eyes series; The Birthstriker @ Centrul de Interes, DIA Showcase, 2022
The Birthstriker @DeepWork Salon, 2022
All Eyes On You 2 @ Clujotronic, 2021
All Eyes On You 2 @ Reactor de creație si experiment, Flesh and Bytes, 2021

Crowd Control, in the making

The Birthstriker, 2021

Eyes Series, 2022